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For expectant mothers…

I completed a pregnancy yoga course at the Life Centre in 2009 and I am qualified to teach pre and post -natal yoga. My pregnancy yoga class is advertised by the London NCT.

In pregnancy yoga the focus is on the motion of the pelvic floor, breathing practice and connection between the mother and baby, but there are many other yoga exercises suitable for pregnant ladies which are also of benefit to everyone.
Labour is one of the most challenging experiences in life. The stories my students share are a great treasure and demonstrate the effectiveness of yoga in managing the pressures that come to bare.

I find that the techniques I have learnt which are specialised for pregnancy yoga are equally useful for other adults – especially complete beginners.

Class Hours

Tuesday – 12:30-13:30

Class Details

Features: Breathing, Practical support for pregnancy and labour, Yoga exercise, Pelvic floor muscle control


£6 / session per household

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ID: 919 608 3057

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For Beginners, All Levels, Pregnancy