Online Postnatal Yoga

For mothers…

Mothers and their Babies at Excercise Class

Mothers and their babies staying active and healthy by doing exercises (yoga, stretching, and aerobics) together at a health club.

I completed a pre and post-natal yoga course at the Life Centre in 2009 and I am qualified to teach pre and post-natal yoga.

In post-natal yoga the focus is to accelerate physical recovery, restoring strength and muscle tone after the birth experience. It is also an excellent way to invigorate the senses and support mental balance.

Please note: Mothers are welcome to bring small children and we provide changing facilities and a limited play area

Class Hours

Wednesday – 10:30-11:30

Class Details

Online Postnatal Yoga with Babies


£6 / session per household

Features: Core, Pelvic floor, Breathing, Balance, Cardio, Relaxation

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Online Classes with Zoom

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