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The Focus of Yuri Yoga

·   Strengthening core muscles

·   Improving posture

·   Developing mental and physical balance

·   Reduce stress and tiredness




Yuri is a Certified YMCA qualified yoga teacher

Yoga Classes

Yuri primarily teaches classes using an invigorating and challenging style of yoga based on Hatha and Power yoga.  Yuri is also a qualified pre and post-natal yoga teacher. If you'd like more information on classes then please contact us: yuri@yuriyoga.co.uk

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga focuses on the physiological and mental changes that occur during pregnancy and labour. The asanas, stretches and relaxations are tailored for the abilities and restrictions which can be sensibly imposed during pregnancy.  A key element of pregnancy yoga is the focus upon the relationship between mother and child.

Post-natal Yoga

Post-natal yoga accelerates physical recovery, restoring strength and muscle tone after the birth experience.  It is also an excellent way to invigorate the senses and support mental balance.

Private Tuition

One to one tuition is a great way to practice yoga whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner. Yuri offers tailored classes in the home, work place or in the private studio where she normally teaches

If you are looking for one-to-one tuition or private lessons for a small group then contact Yuri for a free consultation on your yoga needs

Yoga at Work

In these increasingly hectic times the need for physical fitness and the opportunity to engage in practical exercise has never been more pressured. Yuri is pioneering an approach to bring yoga to offices and work places across London using little or no equipment and taking advantage of limited space. There are a wide range of benefits for work in practising yoga - reduction of stress, improved morale and productivity are just a few. If you would like to experience yoga in your work place then contact Yuri for a free consultation.

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